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V.I.P in the Netherlands

By Meida v. Baal, doula and maternity nurse

In the Netherlands, V.I.P. stands for Vervroegde Inzet Partusassistentie or Early Partus Assistance. A trained maternity nurse can be called earlier in your labor to help you through the stages of labor. Many maternity care organizations (kraamzorg organisatie’s) are offering this service already to their clients who wish to have this.

So what are the differences between a doula and a VIP maternity nurse?


VIP Kraamverzorgende/Maternity Nurse

Support during pregnancy, labor, postpartum

Support starts during labor and ends 8-10 days postpartum

Non-medical assistance for the couple

Medical assistance for the couple and midwife

Services are not yet covered by insurances

Services are covered by insurances

Accompany couples to any birthing facility

Accompany couples to the birthing center, polyclinic

Unlimited contact before the labor

Contact after the midwife calls

Leaves 2 hours after birth

Will accompany you home after birth for start-up care

Sat, 04 November