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*New in 2024* Body Ready Method®: Body Ready Birth Workshop

You deserve your best possible birth experience, and there’s so much you can do to prepare for that!


Register for the one-of-a-kind birth prep workshop with me!


With this targeted, game-changing offering you’ll:


👶Experience birthing positions before labor

🧠Build neural pathways from your brain to your body 

🧘‍♂️Create mobility in your pelvis

🎈Address common musculoskeletal issues that often slow down labor

💪Prepare all 3 levels of your pelvis for birth


All so you can have your easiest possible birth. 


There is so much you can do to prepare your body when you have the right knowledge and tools! 


Take control of your birth today with Body Ready Birth.



Full price €180. (includes a 4 hour workshop, student pack with movement/flow videos for each level of the pelvis, handouts and pdfs)

Class dates :

Intensive 4 hour session

April 13, 2024 (12:00-16:00)

May 12, 2024 (12:00-16:00)

June 22, 2024 (12:00-16:00)

July 14, 2024 (12:00-16:00)

August 11, 2024 (12:00-16:00)

September 14, 2024 (12:00-16:00)




Four 1 hour classes, directly after the current ACCESS childbirth preparation sessions 


March 27- April 3, 10, 24 2024 (21:00-22:00)

June 19, 26 - July 3, 17 2024 (21:00-22:00)


Register https://forms.gle/JDNLwaHeu6vGtK9q8, or contact me at meida@miterandco.nl for questions, other venues or private classes.

I can’t wait to support you in becoming Body Ready for Birth!