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New->Birth Photography

By Meida van Baal, Doula and Maternity Nurse

You can now have a professional photographer capture moments of your labor and delivery at Mitera & Co.

What are the benefits of having a doula and a photographer at your birth?

1. You will have 100% attention from both of us. I will support you and not leave your side, while Settia from Hello Baby Geboortefotografie will not miss taking pictures of some of the special moments.

2. Remembering moments of your labor and delivery can help you process your experience. This is so important for many ladies, especially those who have experienced a traumatic birth. As a doula at your side, I am your eyes and ears. We can spend time discussing your experience in one or all of your postpartum visits. Being heard and validated can help speed up the recovery process. Having a beautiful album and/or video from Settia can show you some moments you may have missed while you were busy laboring and delivering.

So who is the lady behind the camera?

Settia Tin, is from The Hague. She studied photography at Royal Academy of Art and Willem de Kooning Academy. When you decide to hire her, she will come to you at 4cm and stay 2 hours after the birth. She will be there when I am there, but she is very discreet and will stay in the background. "You won't even notice me after awhile," she said.

Other facts about Settia: she speaks fluent Dutch and is working on improving her English; her name means honesty; she is allergic to cats; she loves to dance the salsa and meditate.

Her portfolio will give you an idea of her style, so have a look on her website. https://hellobaby.nu/en/portfolio/.

Settia has two packages to choose from and these you can find also on her website.

Welcome Settia! I look forward to working with you.

Thu, 01 August